Benefits of Going on an Alternative Break Trip

Every winter, spring, and summer, college students from around the country participate in Alternative Break programs.  While their peers may be heading to a favorite destination for some relaxation on the beach, many students choose to travel outside their community and participate in weeklong service activities.  Choosing to go on an alternative break benefits students in many different ways; here are some!

Stepping outside your comfort zone- Getting outside of your comfort zone is a great thing!  It’s how we grow as people and become better versions of ourselves.  An alternative break trip is the perfect opportunity to learn and grow and step outside of the college “bubble”.  You’ll experience a culture you can’t find anywhere else, meet residents with unique perspectives and stories, serve in a city where there is so much need, and form relationships with fellow students!

Paterson Habitat For Humanity Builds with New Orleans Habitat fo






Learn about social issues- New Orleans is the perfect case study for so many issues our society faces including affordable housing, natural disaster and recovery, hunger and homelessness, environmental issues and subsidence, and human trafficking, among others.  Your trip to New Orleans can touch on one or a few of these social issues.  Our goal at RHINO is to ensure you are prepared, educated, and informed about these issues during your time here.








Gain a new perspective on travel- At RHINO, we abide by the work hard, play hard philosophy.  Service projects during the day can be tiring, so we want to make sure you have a good balance of work and play. Our church members at St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church will cook you famous New Orleans meals and even invite you into their homes.  We also will provide you with information on the best places to eat, things to do, and musicians to check out while you’re here.









Gain new skills- However long you are with us, we know that you will learn and acquire new skills.  Whether you are building a sub-floor or pouring concrete on one of the constructions sites’ or maintaining a community garden, you will have skills that you didn’t have before.

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Great resume builder- Whether you are applying for graduate school, an internship, or employment, having an alternative break trip on your resume will make you stand out!  Employers love to have employees who are active and care about their communities.

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