Service Trip FAQs

What makes RHINO special?

We’re a homegrown volunteer work program run by residents who are committed to the needs of the city and to making trips meaningful, fun, and memorable for volunteers. We work with fantastic local community partners who are as invested as we are in creating a better city. We have a generous and kind community of St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church members who strive to make volunteers feel at home by hosting groups at church and in private homes for dinners. And best of all, we’re in the heart of New Orleans. We’ve got the best jazz and blues music in the world, Creole and Cajun food, hundreds of local artists, great museums, and year-round events like free festivals. What more could you ask for?

What types of service will we perform as RHINO volunteers?

We offer construction and non-construction mission focused service project opportunities. We offer both half-week and week-long trips. From construction work on homes with Habitat For Humanity to helping create Mardi Gras favors with adults with developmental disabilities – we let you decide where your passion is in rebuilding hope and improving lives!

What does it cost?

The cost for our program is $225 per volunteer for a full week or $150 for a half week, plus a housing fee of $94 per night per room at the Brent House or $25 per person per night at Annunciation Episcopal. Rooms at The Brent House Hotel can accommodate up to four volunteers. Groups can request more rooms if they would prefer more space and privacy.

Where do we stay?

RHINO has two housing options: The Brent House Hotel and Annunciation Episcopal’s bunk house. Both are 15-20 minutes away from most worksites.

Our RHINO volunteers enjoy the clean, safe and comfortable accommodations of the Brent House pool, hot tub, and fitness center during their down time. Each room also comes equipped with a microwave and refrigerator for late night snacks.

At Annunciation Episcopal, volunteers can expect a bunk house style of housing. Linens and towels are included in the housing fees.

Does RHINO provide meals?

Yes!  RHINO provides dinners and lunches included in your trip fees. The half-week trips have 3 lunches & 1 dinner; the full-week trips have 5 lunches and 3 dinners. We host dinner at our church (St. Charles Ave Presbyterian Church) and a local residents’ homes. The Brent House has two well-priced cafeterias, both of which offer breakfast options. Church of the Annunciation also has breakfast and lunch options.

Is there an age requirement or other requirements?
  • RHINO welcomes all volunteers over 14 years!
  • If you have specific health concerns, please speak with your doctor prior to making a reservation.
  • Al volunteers must have personal health insurance while they are serving with RHINO.
Is there a limit to group size?

We welcome groups with a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 40 volunteers during our regular RHINO season. It’s recommended you bring as many people as you can because it’s always the more the merrier in New Orleans!

Does RHINO provide transportation?

All volunteers are expected to provide their own transportation. New Orleans’ public transportation system is quickly improving, but it does not yet support the schedule our RHINOs keep.

What will our schedule be?

RHINO abides by the work hard, play hard philosophy Monday evening through Saturday morning. Groups work together during the day, eat together at night, then get some evening time to rest or explore the city. Saturday offers an optional half-day of work, or groups can plan a “fun day” in the city.

When do we arrive and depart?

Trips are customized based on the travel schedule the group would prefer.

Do you host non-religious groups, too?

Yes! RHINO welcomes church groups, college groups, family groups — anyone interested in serving the New Orleans community.